February 26, 2013

And here it comes the news!

Yesterday Kazaky started a countdown.
For what?
For the teaser of their NEW VIDEO 'CRAZY LAW' ! Yes, you heard it, new video & new song!
They posted four pics:

Ieri i Kazaky hanno iniziato un countdown.
Per cosa? 
Per il teaser del loro NUOVO VIDEO 'CRAZY LAW' ! Sì, avete sentito, nuovo video & nuova canzone!
Hanno postato quattro foto:  

And here you are the teaser!

Ed eccovi il teaser!

Yes guys, you've seen right...there's Stas Pavlov and not Francesco Borgato.
Today Francesco posted a shocking & pretty sad news:

Sì ragazzi, avete visto giusto..c'è Stas Pavlov e non Francesco Borgato.
Oggi Francesco ha postato una notizia sconvolgente e alquanto triste: 

Francesco left the group to proceed with a solo career. So, Stas Pavlov is back.
What do you think about this news? And of course, what do you think about the teaser? It seem a great video, right? ;)
Anyway, we wish the best and good luck to all of them, to our amazing italian Francesco, to Stas and to Kazaky! :D

Francesco ha lasciato il gruppo per procedere con una carriera da solista. Quindi, Stas Pavlov è tornato.
Cosa ne pensate di questa novità? E ovviamente, cosa ne pensate del teaser? Sembra un video favoloso, vero?
Comunque, noi auguriamo il meglio e un grosso in bocca al lupo a tutti loro, al nostro stupendo italiano Francesco, a Stas e ai Kazaky! :D

February 15, 2013

Interview: 10 questions for Kirill Fedorenko.

[Source: KazakyOfficial VK by Olesya Maslikhina]

1. If you could change your life with another one, who would it be?

Kirill: "Fortunately, no one."

2. Describe yourself in three words:
Kirill: "The most difficult problem ever, I am also trying to respond from all my life. Maybe are: color black, kindness and the name my parents gave to me."

3. Complete the sentence: 'You don’t believe me, but I am…'
Kirill: "The gamer (so my brain is disconnected and relaxed)" 

4. Complete the sentence: 'You would have never thought to bring always with you...'
Kirill: "I never thought to bring always with me a notebook (maybe would think)"

5. Complete the sentence: 'The most annoying thing for me is...'
Kirill: "I am very annoyed by rude people..."

6. Complete the sentence: 'I am especially proud of...'
Kirill: "I am especially proud of my cousin."

7. Complete the sentence: 'When I'm feeling down in the dumps, I...'
Kirill: "I talk to my parents (so I found some justification)."

8. Complete the sentence: 'The most important thing in my bag is...'
Kirill: "House keys."

9. Do you remember your first steps of your carreer? Have they been tough?
Kirill: "First steps? - When I was 1 year and I "walked"??? Mmmmmmh…probably it was my schedule…sometimes at the time of my study at university…from 7 a.m. till 11 p.m. (couple work a long way home)

10. Wish something to your fans:
Kirill: "Experiment with everything you have in your hands
 - what is made for you, seize the moment and you will be rewarded! Hugs!"

Thanks to Laura Valieva (from World Loves Kazaky Group) who gave us a little help for the translation from Russian to English.

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