January 29, 2013

Interview: 25 questions for Artur Gaspar.


1. If you could swap life with someone, who will it be?
Artur: "No one"

2. Continue the phrase: You won’t believe, but I…
Artur: "Believe"

3. Continue the phrase: 'The most annoying thing for me is...'
Artur: "When someone pull my seat to help yourself getting up in plane"

4. Continue the phrase: I especially proud of…
Artur: "I proud of that thing that I never proud of something"

5. Continue the phrase: When I’m in bad mood, I…
Artur: "Start thinking...why??"

6. Continue the phrase: The most important thing in my bag is …
Artur: "Bag :)"

7. Do you remember your first steps? What was the most difficult ?
Artur: "Nothing is difficult. The main thing is to start!"

8. Wish something to your fans on New Year.
Artur: "Love more than love is :) Happy New Year!"
1. How do you feel about the fact that in recent times began to appear "clone-bands" such as Kazzaky LTD and TREND DELUX?
Artur: "Not belong.( nohow )"

2.You often walk freely down the street? Or do you learn on the street and do not give passage? (??) I mean Russia and Ukraine, Italy, in case of Francesco
Artur: "Sometimes"

3. Did you have children's fears ? 
Artur: "Yeah(some were)"

4. Is it difficult for you not to see your family for such a long time? Or do you often see your family? 
Artur: "Not as often as I would like to"

5. Do you love children?Are you ready to be a father?You will teach your children to be creative? 

Artur: "I am very much love of children, but on 20 minutes. Well ok, for 40 minutes."

6. That person must have to be successful?
Artur: "One must have faith in the light that shows where this success ;)"

7. What does means the word "freedom" for you?
Artur: "Freedom is a made-up word"

8. Describe yourself in three words.
Artur: "Let my family will do this"

9. Would you like to play in a film? What genre of movie would you choose?
Artur: "I had similar thoughts) may be in the drama."

10. How do you feel about your fans?
Artur: "I love you(I love my fans)) But I try not to think about what I have fans."

11. Where would you like to live? In which country, city?
Artur: "I can live anywhere. Main closer to nature."

12. What do you value most in people?
Artur: "Complete openness"

13. What will you choose: risk or proven way?
Artur: "Is not it obvious? :) "

14. Do you like to experiment with your style?
Artur: "It all depends on the mood."

15. When you can lose self-control?
Artur: "I don't know."

16. What type of girl you would not like it?(What type of girls you do not like?)
Artur: "Everything depends not on type of girl,it all depends on submission type."

17. And of course the question of the new year. What was the most memorable New Year? And how will you greet the new year this year?
Artur: "When I was with my family. It was a very long time) like a fairy tale), I would be in a circle of friends)
Happy New Year), I embrace you all and I kiss everyone :-****************** "

Thanks to Irina Veselova & the Official Group Artur Gaspar for the translation from Russian to English!

January 28, 2013


Hello everyone!
It's time to show to Kazaky our support: we have to vote them!
On 27 April 2013 will take place the OE VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine.
In fact, Kazaky will perform that night (source: kazaky.com/events):

Kazaky are nominated in FOUR different catogories:

  1. Best Sex Video
  2. Best Style Performer
  3. Best Video
  4. Best Group of the Year

How to vote for them? You can vote ONCE A DAY and it will take just a few minutes ;)
Here you are all the links:

Click HERE to open the page, scroll down and then click on голосовать (it means 'Vote').

Click HERE to open the page, scroll down and then click on голосовать.

Click HERE to open the page, scroll down and then click on голосовать.

Click HERE to open the page, scroll down and then click on голосовать.

 So..c'mon guys! Let's vote Kazaky every day and make them win! :D

January 17, 2013

Interview: 11 questions for Francesco Borgato.

Thanks again to Francesco Borgato for giving us this opportunity so you all can know something more about him.

1. What made you discover the passion for dancing and singing?
Francesco: "Tina Turner"

2. What are the essential things you need when you travel?
Francesco: "iPhone/iPod"

3. 'If I were not a dancer, I would be...'
Francesco: "A drunkard philosopher...but I already am"

4. What is the thing that makes you angry the most?
Francesco: "The insolvent hypocrites."

5. What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
Francesco: "It depends on the day. I don't really have a single favorite item"

6. You have tried the most different cuisines in your many trips. What is your favorite?
Francesco: "What a question! Italians do it better!"

7. What is the craziest thing you've ever done or has happened to you?
Francesco: "I can not say it"

8. How do you describe yourself in three words?
Francesco: "Sun, heart, love"

9. What is the artist who can never miss in your playlist?
Francesco: " Beyoncé"

10. Is there something or someone from whom you get your inspiration to create new choreographies?
Francesco: "Life"

11. What is the best part of your job?
Francesco: "The best part is yet to come!"

January 14, 2013

The Best of 2012 - Oleg, Artur, Kirill & Francesco

Let's see how amazing was the 2012 for each member of Kazaky, pictorially!

Oleg Zhezhel

Artur Gaspar

Kirill Fedorenko

Francesco Borgato

For more pictures and news visit our page, the Facebook page about Kazaky for Italy:

January 8, 2013

Get Ready : Kazaky are coming to Turkey!

It's time for another 'first time' for Kazaky: they're gonna perform in Antalya, Turkey.
Tomorrow. 9th January 2013.

From 8 to 14 January there will be the Turkish Fashio Show: clothes and accessorise for the brands of Dosso Dossi Fashion Show.
They will present 150 Turkish brands.
There will be 45 top models and some guest stars as Adriana Lima, Mustafa Sandal, Dima Bilan & obviously our Kazaky.

Some pictures of the catwalk and the location from the Official Dosso Dossi Fashion Show Facebook page:

So, we just have to wait until tomorrow ;)


January 1, 2013

The Best of 2012

Let's see how this year it's been amazing for Kazaky!

  • 2 January - The release of 'Dance and Change' video [click HERE for watchin' it]

  • 21 March - The release of 'Girl Gone Wild' by Madonna, where Kazaky dance [click HERE for watchin' it]

  •  6 May - The first time in Brazil, São Paulo

  • 22 June - On Artur's birthday, they performed in New York

  • 9 July - A great collaboration with VMagazine [click HERE for the article]: Kazaky Horror Picture Show [click HERE for watchin' it]

  • 28 July - Their first time in Mexico. It was a huge success.

  •  10 August - Time for Argentina, Buenos Aires.

  • 16 October - The release of the new amazing video 'Last Night' [click HERE for watchin' it]

  • 22 October - 'The Hills Chronicles' , first Kazaky's album, IS OUT [click HERE for more about it]

  • 5 November - The release of 'Stadium' , a video which defined the Fashion Collaboration with Kireeva [click HERE for watchin' it]


  •  31 January - The last performance of the year in Kiev @ D*LUX [click HERE for the pics] | Let's begin the new year with Kazaky!

A pretty full year, uh? :D

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