January 1, 2013

The Best of 2012

Let's see how this year it's been amazing for Kazaky!

  • 2 January - The release of 'Dance and Change' video [click HERE for watchin' it]

  • 21 March - The release of 'Girl Gone Wild' by Madonna, where Kazaky dance [click HERE for watchin' it]

  •  6 May - The first time in Brazil, São Paulo

  • 22 June - On Artur's birthday, they performed in New York

  • 9 July - A great collaboration with VMagazine [click HERE for the article]: Kazaky Horror Picture Show [click HERE for watchin' it]

  • 28 July - Their first time in Mexico. It was a huge success.

  •  10 August - Time for Argentina, Buenos Aires.

  • 16 October - The release of the new amazing video 'Last Night' [click HERE for watchin' it]

  • 22 October - 'The Hills Chronicles' , first Kazaky's album, IS OUT [click HERE for more about it]

  • 5 November - The release of 'Stadium' , a video which defined the Fashion Collaboration with Kireeva [click HERE for watchin' it]


  •  31 January - The last performance of the year in Kiev @ D*LUX [click HERE for the pics] | Let's begin the new year with Kazaky!

A pretty full year, uh? :D

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