December 26, 2012

Interview: 9 questions for Oleg Zhezhel.

Thanks to Kazaky Official Russian team (Vkontakte) we have a small interview of 9 questions to Oleg.

We tried to translate them as best we could.

Here you are the answers that Oleg Zhezhel gave:

1. If you could change your life with another one, who would it be?

Oleg: "Years ago, a friend of mine, wrote to me that if he could have changed his life, he would have chosen mine. I wouldn’t change my life, I’m a happy man."

2. Describe yourself in three words:

Oleg: "Demanding, level-headed, selfish."

3. Complete the sentence: You don’t believe me, but I am…

Oleg: "Ukrainian. It’s not a big deal, but they ascribed me every kind of nationality and never the Ukrainian one."

4. What do you always bring with you?

Oleg: "I was thinking about it…the cellphone? Too common, but it’s true. I don’t wear jewelries. There’s something that I always have with me and nobody can steal it from me…my tattoo."

5. What does bother you?

Oleg: "False people, even if with my job I meet a lot of them."

6. What are you most proud of?

Oleg: "Of Kazaky."

7. What do you do when you’re down in the dumps?

Oleg: "I spend money for something that I want, but always in a reasonable way."

8. What’s the most important thing in your bag?

Oleg: "That’s a woman’s issue. I use a bag for the rehearsals or a computer case."

9. Do you remember your first steps of your carreer? Have they been tough?

Oleg: "This is a long story, but it was hard at the beginning. I went through a lot of obstacles and barriers."

[Source: Kazaky Official VK]

December 3, 2012

A New Fashion Collaboration: Kireeva for Kazaky!

"This is just the beginning!"  
Picture made By Vanessa Bi 

As many of you may have seen in the last video entitled "Stadium" and also in some photos made by Michael Epps and Sasha Samsonova, Kazaky are wearing particular and eccentric details which give rise to four perfect outfits along with their equally (even  more) perfect bodies thus creating a unique & inimitable style. Their heels are the distinguishable element that characterizes them, as everyone know!
This is the pure Kazaky style!

The credit of all this work goes to her, Ksenia Kireeva: an Ukrainian fashion stylist who designed and realized these creations for her Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection.

Here's to you
ARM By Kireeva
Photo Collage
Photo By Michael Epps

What can we say?
We can't wait to see how this collaboration will continue, but surely we are waiting for something new that will leave all us speechless, once again!

November 15, 2012

Casting Call!

Yes, you're read right: CASTING.
The group is looking for professional dancers for a new video and for the new tour.

Age: 18-30 years old ; 168-185cm
Style: hip hop, jazz funk, jazz and atletic and they have to dance in high heels.

Casting call: Saturday 24 November 2012 in Kiev @ Dance Center My Way from 13pm to 17pm!

  • For those who aren't from Kiev: you can send your video to this mail All the videos will be seen!
For more details:  

November 5, 2012

STADIUM - Something new is coming..

This evening, KAZAKY OFFICIAL posted on their official Facebook profile a new video, called 'Stadium' on the amazing Symphony n° 404 released with the new album 'The Hills Chronicles' (click HERE to read more about it).

They write:  

Hi ALL! We and the brand ARM by Kireeva shot short "heels video". Recently, our friends and talented designers Arman and Ksenia Kireeva joined to the design of the style of our next show. And now... watch "Stadium".

Yes, you've read right! NEXT SHOW!!!
The only thing we can do now, is keep our eyes open and wait for a new tour!

In the mean time, watch this new little video:

Stay Tuned!

October 23, 2012

The Story So Far..

30 September 2010 - 'In The Middle'

20 February 2011 - 'Love'

1 August 2011 - 'Pohvir'
The lyric is in Armenian and is Artur Gaspar speaking.

From the next videos there isn't Stas Pavlov anymore, he's replaced by the italian amazing dancer and choreographer Francesco Borgato.

2 January 2012 - 'Dance And Change'

21 March 2012 - Madonna featuring Kazaky 'Girl Gone Wild'

16 October 2012 - 'Last Night'

Their videos are always kinda magical and perfect.
Some of you were disappointed by their last video, 'Last Night', because they're not dancing in high heels: they're professional dancers, they dance in every way (boots, sneakers, with bare feet) and in this way they teach us to appreciate and to undestrand Dance in its every little shade: video dance, combo, hip hop, ballet, contemporary.

So..among this videos..which one is your favorite?

October 22, 2012

The Hills Chronicles ♪♫

For now, is available on iTunes (US link for 9.99$).
In this album, the first Kazaky's album, we can find all their hits, a new song (Game Over) and the symphony that there is at the end of Last Night video.
Here it is the tracklist:

  1. Symphony No. 404
  2. Game Over
  3. I can't stop
  4. Last Night
  5. In the middle
  6. Love
  7. Barcelona
  8. I'm just a dancer
  9. Stop the network
  10. Dance and Change
  11. Time
  12. In the middle (Remix)
  13. Love (Remix)
  14. I'm just a dancer (Remix)

And the new song 'Game Over'...we already love it!
So..while we're waiting for some news, we're gonna listen to all day long their music! 

October 21, 2012

Last Night lyrics

We tried to write down LAST NIGHT lyric. 
Here it is!

Tutto cambiò il giorno in cui la cielo cadde sulla terra e io mi sentii senza peso. Scesi come pioggia bianca e sapevo che tra la folla esistevamo solo noi. Non ho chiesto il suo nome, senza dubbio, si chiamava, Amore.

Last night
Last night
Last night

I can’t believe this destination

Last night was so bright, I saw your eyes
You came to my mind,
But you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out.

I'll save you with me, you will feel the beat.
Black side of the moon, hiding feelings so deep, hiding feelings so deep, hiding feelings so deep, hiding feelings so deep, hiding feelings so deep.

Last night
Last night
Last night

I can’t believe this destination

Last night
Last night
It was just imagination
Last night

Last night was so bright, I saw your eyes
You came to my mind,
But you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out.

I'll save you with me, you will feel the beat.
Black side of the moon,
Black side of the moon, hiding feelings so deep, hiding feelings so deep, hiding feelings so deep, hiding feelings so deep, hiding feelings so deep.

Last night
Last night
Last night

I can’t believe this destination

Last night was so bright, I saw your eyes
You came to my mind,
But you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out, but you wouldn’t go out.

It was just imagination.

Il mondo delle illusioni non è eterno, presto conobbi il suo nome, Passione. E' così che la chiamano. Viene da me quando vuole, e lasciandomi strappa un pezzo dal mio cuore. Ho provato a sciacquar via il suo profumo dai miei palmi, ma mi segue, ovunque. Non posso farci nulla, l'unica cosa che posso fare è stare a guardare il mio corpo affondare lentamente nel suo sangue.

"It was just imagination..."

Many of us wouldn't have expected it, others instead would. Some of us had hoped, and still others didn't think at all.
(What a pity!)

Well, on the night of October 16th, the premiere of the new and long-awaited  video "LAST NIGHT", live on "Block News", was aired on MTV Russia.

so...for those who missed the live broadcast News Block on MTV Russia, here is the premiere of the new video "Last Night"!


 As you have could see, there was a surprise for all of us. Yes, because our beloved Kazaky, have recorded a video greetings for MTV, talking in different languages. Kirill in English, Artur in Portuguese, Oleg in Spanish and at the end, our dear Francesco, with great amazement of his Russian fans, obviously in Russian language. Four smiling guys, gorgeous like the sun. What can we say? Did it a great effect listen to for the first time their beautiful voices, isn't it?
Then, we saw some scenes of the video. To gape! And then there were those endless minutes, waiting for the release of the video shortly thereafter published on the website V Magazine and on YouTube.

[Click on this link to view the article published on VMAGAZINE.COM]

After waiting a while, here is the video!

Six minutes of pure pleasure for the ears and especially for the eyes.
Many fans already knew the song, which is written by them on the voyage over the Atlantic in March. And after two months of composition was presented during the first solo concert in Brazil. (do you remember the concert in São Paulo?) but...who would have expected an intro and an ending spoken in Italian by Francesco Borgato?

He, with his warm and sensual voice, pronounces intense words which have an intrinsic meaning. We seem to hear a poem thanks to the melodic notes of the song. Then the perfect sound and at the same time the determination and the passion in their voices. An incredible song with a sensual and addictive rhythm. We just can't stop listening to it over and over again.
The video was directed once again by the Great director Yevgeniy Timokhin.
He makes everyone dream, obviously thanks also and above all to Kazaky, with their amazing and extraordinary charm!
Almost naked bodies that create through some particular effects and colorful powders, incredibile scenes and aerodynamic drawnings. They dive into a red water in reference to blood which symbolizes the passion, all accompanied with a sound very impressive and leave you breathless!This video hypnotizes you from the beginning to the end, without a chance to divert your attention. You can enjoy every single minute, admiring the beauty of a real art, in all its forms and peculiarities.

So guys...what do you think about the new Kazaky's video 'Last Night'? Tell us!

October 11, 2012

The Best Is Yet To Come!


Get Ready, Kazaky Lovers!

The day is nearly here!  



Available on 22-10-2012


But now let's get ready for the release of new video!

«LAST NIGHT» Premiere Music Video on October 16. 

~ It took 4 months for the video production, and the end result will be composed of two parts, which are drawn from 46 hours of footage.

We are so excited and we can't wait to see it! You too? :) 

October 9, 2012

'Last Night' video is coming soon!

Today, Kazaky Official posted the teaser of the 
next video... & it will be 'Last Night.'
It's kinda different from all the other songs they released. 
It's a ballad, the melody is soft ...and it's quite hot, right? (:
Will they dance in this video? There will be their high heels?
We just have to wait and see how it is..but we sure that it's gonna be amazing as usual!

Stay with us, stay tuned!

October 1, 2012

Everyone wants to be KAZAKY!

-Some of you will have heard about demonstrations born by this group of girls called Pussy Riot in Russia.
Well, we will not dwell on this story because it isn't the subject of our discussion, but rather we would like to talk about some rumors that have been spread today, on October 1, to our beloved group Kazaky .

-Browsing the web, many Russian media as some publications in English language, and also on the social networks like Facebook and especially Twitter, quoted in causing the negative behavior of 'Kazaky', who would have been arrested for having participated in a demonstration against the Pussy Riot in Moscow.

-For all the Kazaky fans who follow them enough to remain astonished by these accusations, some doubts are arose. Yes, because many people knew that the real KAZAKY weren't in Moscow in those days, but in Nice, France, as well-established Oleg Zhezhel in a little interview for the website
"Группа не имеет к этому никакого отношения. Мы вообще в этом время были в Ницце. И на будущее - группа абсолютно аполитична, они занимаются только творчеством и никогда не будут ни закого выступать - будь то за или против. У ребят много фейков по всему миру, очень странно, что в России очередных фейков спутали с группой." [Read more...]

-Rough translation:
"The group has nothing to do with this story inasmuch we were in Nice and since we are apolitical, so without any political position, we focus on creativity.
There are many groups around the world who imitate us, and it's very strange that in neighboring Russia, someone have confused us with them."

-In fact, to be arrested by police in Moscow, are four guys who call themselves Kazzaki LTD, and here is the photographic evidence during the arrest:


September 24, 2012

All The Links You Need.

These are all the ACTIVE pages about Kazaky on Facebook:
Queste sono tutte le pagine ATTIVE su Facebook riguardanti i Kazaky:


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Altre pagine su Vkontakte:

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Kirill Fedorenko.(Official) Fan Group Kazaky.

~ STAS PAVLOV | Official Group

FRANCESCO (ex member):

These are all the ACTIVE profiles about Kazaky on Twitter:
Queste sono tutti i profili ATTIVI su Twitter riguardanti i Kazaky:

~ Kazaky TAIWAN

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